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Custom Input Option
This is a vQmod which adds a new option type called "Custom Input" to your OpenCart store. On the surface, Custom Input appears just like a text input field in ..
Custom Mega Menu
This extension allows you to create and save a custom HTML Mega Menu for each category. Contact me at billynoah@zuma-design.com if you'd like to see an admin d..
Custom Product Template
Requirements: =========== Custom Product Template is compatible with and has been tested on OpenCart versions 1.5.4,, 1.5.5, and 1.5.6. Thi..
Exclude Products from Coupon
Normally coupons only apply to selected products, or all products. This mod adds a choice to decide whether coupon should include or exclude selected products. ..
Fail2Ban Jail for OpenCart
FAIL2BAN JAIL for OPENCART FEATURES: ========= • Increased OpenCart Admin Security • Bans IP of Failed Login attempts based on Fail2ban settings • Compat..
Multiple Complete Statuses
Requirements: =========== Multiple Complete Statuses is compatible with and has been tested on OpenCart versions 1.5.4 through  It might work on..
Nivo Slider Delux
This extension will greatly enhance the functionality of your Banners and the Slideshow Module (Nivo Slider) which comes standard in the default OpenCart instal..
Offline Credit Card Payment
FEATURES: ========= This is a payment method for collecting credit card information for manual offline processing of an order. Presents a standard credit card..
OpenCart Photo Gallery
FEATURES: ========= • Easily Convert Any Category into a beautiful image gallery or photo album • Subcategories can become albums within albums allowing un..
Options Modify Product Dimensions
This is a vQmod™ which allows you to use product options to modify it's dimensions, just as you would with price, points or weight. You can modify the dimension..
Remember Admin Tabs
"Remember Admin Tabs" will keep track of your most recently selected tabs in all areas of the OpenCart admin panel. When you go back to edit a product, category..
Restrict Featured by Category
While browsing a category or product page, limits the built in Featured Module to only show products from the current category & it's subcategories. In a..
Save and Continue
This vQmod will enable Save & Continue button in both category & options add and edit forms. Works great with Remember Admin Tabs! This is simply an ..
SEO URL Validation
URL validation in OpenCart has been on my mind for a while so today I went ahead and finished this vQmod. The goal is to validate urls to make sure they are val..
Worldwide Express LTL Freight
Worldwide Express LTL Freight Shipping module adds the ability to integrate your Worldwide Express account and get freight shipping quotes directly from their S..