Worldwide Express LTL Freight

Worldwide Express LTL Freight
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Worldwide Express LTL Freight Worldwide Express LTL Freight Worldwide Express LTL Freight Worldwide Express LTL Freight
Compatibility: OpenCart v1.5.4.x, 1.5.5.x, 1.5.6.x

Worldwide Express LTL Freight Shipping module adds the ability to integrate your Worldwide Express account and get freight shipping quotes directly from their SpeedShip service.


• Returns the best quotes from over 30 freight carriers
• Adds a customer freight settings panel so customers have the option of storing their freight settings
• Optionally prompts customer during checkout for freight preferences
• Adds a Freight tab to product admin panel for specifying how each product will ship and various freight options
• Support for shipping Hazmat (Hazardous Materials)
• Stores Shipment Quote ID with order details for later booking the carrier & price quoted
• Ability to edit and view freight settings for each order in admin panel
• Modifies no core files
• Compatible with Opencart 1.5.4, 1.5.5, & 1.5.6

You must have an account with Worldwide Express to use this service. Visit them @

4/6/2014 • v1.1.6 Fixed a bug in parsing some WWEX responses which do not return an array. Fixed a bug where freight settings could be missing when "Estimate Shipping & Taxes" is clicked.
3/27/2014 • v1.1.5 Disable Freight Settings form when minimum total is not reached
1/20/2014 • v1.1.4 Items with a weight of 0 will be omitted from quote request. Added the ability to specify default handling unit type, piece type, and freight class for all products where specified in the product settings.
1/3/2014 • v1.1.3 Added ability to store, View and Edit freight settings per order under Admin > Sales > Orders.
12/9/2013 • v1.1.2 Added pallet weight and calculations. An extra line item will be added for each pallet in a shipment called "Pallet weight".
11/19/2013 • v1.0 Initial Release

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